06 Yphresies

Find out about all the services offered by the civil enginner Ioannis Spiliotis

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03 Energeiaka Pistopoihtika

Certified energy inspector since  2012 I. Spiliotis undertakes the issuing of energy certificates which are  required for each sale or rent of property . Namely: 

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02 Au8aireta

The technical Office of I. Spiliotis undertakes all the procedures for placing your property in law 4178/13

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05 Anakainish

Our technical office undertakes the restoration of stone houses and the renovation of offices and apartments  

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04 Epiblepsh

The technical office of I. Spiliotis provides services for construction supervision and construction projects.  

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01 Oikodomiki Adeia

Ioannis Spiliotis undertakes the comprehensive study and distribution of folders for the issuing of building permits.

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